Monday, May 25, 2015

Her Favorite Human Is...

Hi mom!! That is so cool about Heather Nicols and that lady that remembers me. I am so thankful to have had the life that I have and the parents who taught me everything that I know. WE are sooooo lucky!! I dont know what we did in the life before to have what we have now, the happiness the gospel, the blessings, but i am sooo thankful for everything. i love you so much!! I will pray for the house, dont worry, everything will work out!! also I am killing my workouts!!!! Im gonna come back lookin sooo good. I started zumba in the nights too :) YAY DAD FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! i am sooooo  happy for that. God answers prayers!! okay this is  I FORGOT TO WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! tHANK YOU FOR being born then having me haha I love you more than life and I miss you but I will be home. Today starts the day of a tranfers and I only have 3 left wooh hoo!!! good luck with everything this week. I hope that everything works out!! I also died at the video on twitter hahahah I LOVE IT!!! nad josh is are so cute. and you are my favotire human. ahhh I ant wait to be with you all the time again wooh hoo!!! XOXOXOX OJAzz

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