Friday, April 25, 2014

Que Padre

We learned that que padre means Cool! This week was really good! It rained every day again and so we just played and played! This week went by super fast and I don't have a lot of time to write only 5 more minutes but esta bien! 

We had TRC again last night and it was 10 times better. This week we actually got a real investigator! He was awesome, we just talked about the importance of prayer and the spirit was so strong! For the first time I didn't really have to use notes at all and I was so happy to have that experience. Last week the people were both members, but they were pretending to not be..the first one had a family search hat on, so we knew he was just trying to stump us. I didn't have to be firm with the investigator last night, I just keep smiling and spitting out broken spanish but it was great!  I'm never afraid to say what I feel like I need to say. That  sounds pretty bad... and I wouldn't have said anything unless I really needed to. If I go off what the spirit says it's all good! It's not bad to be the nice guy though, that's a good thing! 

okay so the other day, It was pouring rain and we decided to play kickball...I was pitcher and noticed that there was a little black hole in the ball that was keeping all the air in. I was just poking it and BOOM it blew up!! It shot past my ear and it was the loudest/scariest moment of my life, but also hilarious! I pretended like the air blew my ear off so like 20 people ran over to see if I was okay. But I uncovered my eyes to show people that I was laughing and not was definitely an experience to remember.  I just stood up and said "better luck next time boys" so I think I'll just stick to volleyball from now on haha.

Time is finally starting to go by faster! all is well, and I love it here! I'm already on week 4...I wanna get to honduras already, but it will be soon! I leave on May 13th. I love you all and miss you tons!! I can't wait to skype the fam!!! That's coming up so soon! 

Okay so my companera and I decided to buy jerseys from this sketchy worker cause they were only 30 bucks...300 pesos and I love em!! We aren't allowed to wear em around here though or else the worker will get in trouble, but he was nice so we just went with it! 

I had a lot of friends leave this week and it was way sad, but people are always coming in and out of this place. My two best guy friends Elder Porter and Sessions leave this week so that'll be hard. But they're both going to honduras so we'll stay close! Porter gave me rootbeer this week and I was so happy I could cry. I love you all!!! La iglegia es verdarero!!! Te amo!!

Hermana Woods :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Word From Our Favorite Sister Missionary!

Hola everyone!!! First of all I have to say thank you for all the letters and support! I love and miss you all so so much. This week was a roller coaster but it ended up awesome! Mainly because I got a package from mom, and it rained every day! hmmmm what to say... *note from can send her a package from this site Otherwise she will not get it in the CCM. She will be there until May 13th. 

So the CCM used to be a college! I live in a purple Casa with 5 rooms, a kitchen living room, laundry room etc. It is so cute. There's a ton of houses but we are still on campus and never get to leave. Which is totally fine with me because Mexico city is super sketch..I still feel like I'm in a little prison though, or snow globe of safety as well, it's a very interesting place. I seriously forget that I'm in Mexico all the time, until I go play kickball or "run" outside and can see the city around us, it's really pretty! My comp is from AZ and I just love her! We are so much alike and laugh at everything here. and I mean EVERYTHING. then yep, you guess it..we get in trouble for laughing too loud! I'm still workin on that one..

We had TRC this week and basically just knocked on fake doors and talked to investigators with the whole "how to begin teaching" stuff.. I either come out of each lesson crying or laughing hysterically. My companion was getting really stressed after one guy because he was laughing at us and our spanish. I thought it was hilarious because it's just a play language..but you know me. I wasn't about to sit there so I put on my big girl pants and told him "No No No, there is no laughing at us and our bad spanish. Stop laughing at us!" It was pretty dang funny haha. My comp goes "How did you have courage to say that to him?"and I said " I am a strong independent Mujer!" haha quote of the week for sure.  I said that in a jokingly kind of way and we both laughed more and after that he was listening! He was pretending to be a lonely catholic but his hat said Family Search so I wasn't buyin it haha. I know that I sound like a crazy white girl!

Hey Mom! I only had nutella I think like 3 times this week! *I wrote Jazzie last week and told her that Nutella is one of the fattest foods on the planet...hee hee I should know I went to France. Then I told her I was exercising and losing weight and she is having none of that (we like to be twins) so she is working out really hard too. haha 

One day we had a lesson with out teacher and it just was NOT good. My companera and I were overwhelmed and lost it. BUT THEN we both got packages from our moms which was really nice and it poured rain and it turned into the best day! In the midst of all the roller coaster feelings, I was able to feel God's love so immensely and it was amazing. Things are lookin better and I'm getting better at espaƱol!! Since then we have taught about 4 more people and we have another lesson tonight. I love teaching in spanish and finally words will come to me and I am having a better time understanding everything. 

I feel like I have been here for about 50 years now. Yep, not exaggerating. It is such a weird thing, but things are going well! Keep me updated with everything and send me lots of pics so I can remember that there is actually real life outside the CCM. I love you all verryyyy much and pray for you daily. I am happy to be a missionary!  

Love Hermana Woods (Or Hermana Boots as the Mexicans say it.. or Hermana Woody as my teacher calls me haha)

Pics: Momma Woods sent me a package with mini family pictures so that I can always have you with me! Shoutout to my favotire mom!!! I get those out all the time! notice that I have changed the nutella diet quite drastically in the past district, and me reading my favorite book!

Friday, April 11, 2014

First Week in Mexico!

Hellooooooooooo everyoneeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so so so so much to tell you! I know that you probably wont even read all of it but that's okay. First of all. I LOVE being a missionary! putting on my name tag is so everymorning is so much fun. Even though one time I forgot mine... I had to borrow my friend's and I was Hermana Wittingslow for the day haha. Anyway the CCM is awesome! I'm straight up livin in Mexico. When we were driving in I literally thought that we were gonna die because It's super sketch..but we are so safe! There are giant fences around this place and there are giant towers that look like the ones from divergent to keep people out haha. It's a pretty campus though. To sum things up, I feel like I am in seminary/mission prep/boot camp/concentration camp 24/7...okay wow I feel bad about that last I take that back. But they are way strict here! We can't even listen to church music or any music at all in our house or anywhere, and they always say no "loud laughter" you can probably guess that I get in trouble all the time for that haha oops!

Okay since there have been SO many awesome/crazy things I'll sum up each of the days and the highlights!

Day 1: I was on the plane and my first thought was "they better have diet coke..missionary or not I WILL drink one" and I got one :)))) I was in such a weird state that the sadness didnt't really hit me. I was super calm and everything the entire day like I said in my first email. I got a little bummed that night because my bed is hard as a rock. and it's so hot here I just sleep with a sheet haha. oh and I'm SO tall that my feet hang off the that's real nice. Anyway the first day felt like 50 days and it was a rollercoaster but ended really well! Oh yeah, I kept singing "Let her Go, let her go!" Everyone in my district sings frozen because of that haha so thanks momma woods!

Day 2: we had to TEACH SOMEONE IN SPANISH THE SECOND DAY WE WERE HERE!! yep, I'm not lying. spanish and only spanish! My companera and I had absolutely no idea what we were saying or what she was saying back to us so our theme our attitude was just YOLO haha. Everything was scripted and fine until the end..we already prayed and testified like 4 times. And the only word we know for end is "fin" so we just said "FIN FIN FIN ADIOS!" we walked up and seriously fell on the floor laughing so hard. Now whenever the elders in our district walk past our casa they yell "fin fin adios adios!" We just laught at everything here. and then get in trouble for laughing too hard..but all is well..

Day 3 and 4: GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS SWEETTTTT!!!! it is so awesome to be here with so many missionaries to watch conference. The spirit was super strong and the talks were awesome. Not gonna lie though..i took a few snoozers but I listened to the good ones haha. I would wake up when I heard everyone whisper "look at hermans woods she's passed out" I'm so thankful that I got to watch it though, I learned a ton! I hope you guys did too!

okay I'm sorta over this whole daily journal I'll just say a couple other random stories! So I whipped out the superman onsie on day one and let me tell is a HUGE success! We have latinas in our room and they legit think I'm a superhero haha it's awesome! I took individual pics with every single one of them and one hermana asked me to pick her up! We hangout with them every night in the living room and share stories, talk about boys and one direction in Spanglish haha it is seriously the best! The food here is nastttt. But that's okay because there is a nutella that's what I usually get. I know it's awful but would YOU rather have mystery meat and rice or...nutella?? that's what I thought. So, yesterday our classrooms were FREEZING so I went outside and laid on the hot ground and all the elders from my district walked out and thought I was passed out..and a random Mexican older elder ran over to see if I was okay..note to self: never casually soak up the sun on the ground in the CCM....but hey! I got warm :) 

I know I need to stop eating the nutella..but its like what grandpa said "go shopping with you....cut off my hand....I think I would cut off my hand" ...every single day I go beans and mystery meat or cutting my hand off....mystery meat or cut my hand off.....NUTELLA IT is!! I MISS DIET COLE IF YOU CAN SEND ME SOME PLEASE DO!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I love it here! I hope that everything is going well up there in America...I feel like I have been here for a year and it's only been a's so weird. I just killed a mosquito like a ninja with my bare hands!! We taught our investigator the the third times last night and committed her to baptism, the spirit was SO strong. nights like last night make me realize that it is worth it. Every little bit of it is worth it! I love spanish and being in a foreign country surrounded my latinas and latinos, and a lot of randoms from utah state haha It's a small world. I love you all!!! I'll write next thursday!!

XOXO Hermana Woods

PS only a few people know my name is Jazzie and I feel weird introducing myself as JA..HERMANA woods haha but it's fun! ADIOS!

April 2nd, 2014 Jazzie Leaves Phoenix for Mexico Missionary Training Center

HI FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am alive and well down here in Mexico!!! oh my gosh..this keyboard in in Spanish so I cant do apostrophes which is sorta hard...but I am HERE! I seriously love it already. I am like a little kid in a new giddy and running around trying to see everything. I feel verryyyy calm and SO happy! Mexico is super sketch but I feel really safe. One guy in the airport whistled at me and said "ayyy mami how are you baby" is was SO funny I just smiled, said Hola and waved....the elders were cracking up!! The drive here was real scary, because there are no lines on the road but it was an adventure for sure. My companion is SO cute!!! She`is from Mesa Arizona and we were on the same flight here and she is going to MY SAME MISSION!!! I can already tell that we are going to be great friends. I will send pictures as soon as I can! My P day is on Thursday, so thats when I will get to talk to you! I love you all so much and I already LOVE being a missionary. I feel like I am a superhero with my badge on!! I made good friends with the elders already and everyone is great. Some boys are SO awk I can hardly stand it. ANyway today is a free day so I am going to go unpack and adventure around campus, its huge!! Also my little house is PURPLE! How fun!?! Oh yeah, and Im already signed up to be the chorister and sing at some big meeting this weekend, so theres that. I love you all!! I will talk to you soon :))))

XOXO HERMANA WOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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