Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Word From Our Favorite Sister Missionary!

Hola everyone!!! First of all I have to say thank you for all the letters and support! I love and miss you all so so much. This week was a roller coaster but it ended up awesome! Mainly because I got a package from mom, and it rained every day! hmmmm what to say... *note from can send her a package from this site Otherwise she will not get it in the CCM. She will be there until May 13th. 

So the CCM used to be a college! I live in a purple Casa with 5 rooms, a kitchen living room, laundry room etc. It is so cute. There's a ton of houses but we are still on campus and never get to leave. Which is totally fine with me because Mexico city is super sketch..I still feel like I'm in a little prison though, or snow globe of safety as well, it's a very interesting place. I seriously forget that I'm in Mexico all the time, until I go play kickball or "run" outside and can see the city around us, it's really pretty! My comp is from AZ and I just love her! We are so much alike and laugh at everything here. and I mean EVERYTHING. then yep, you guess it..we get in trouble for laughing too loud! I'm still workin on that one..

We had TRC this week and basically just knocked on fake doors and talked to investigators with the whole "how to begin teaching" stuff.. I either come out of each lesson crying or laughing hysterically. My companion was getting really stressed after one guy because he was laughing at us and our spanish. I thought it was hilarious because it's just a play language..but you know me. I wasn't about to sit there so I put on my big girl pants and told him "No No No, there is no laughing at us and our bad spanish. Stop laughing at us!" It was pretty dang funny haha. My comp goes "How did you have courage to say that to him?"and I said " I am a strong independent Mujer!" haha quote of the week for sure.  I said that in a jokingly kind of way and we both laughed more and after that he was listening! He was pretending to be a lonely catholic but his hat said Family Search so I wasn't buyin it haha. I know that I sound like a crazy white girl!

Hey Mom! I only had nutella I think like 3 times this week! *I wrote Jazzie last week and told her that Nutella is one of the fattest foods on the planet...hee hee I should know I went to France. Then I told her I was exercising and losing weight and she is having none of that (we like to be twins) so she is working out really hard too. haha 

One day we had a lesson with out teacher and it just was NOT good. My companera and I were overwhelmed and lost it. BUT THEN we both got packages from our moms which was really nice and it poured rain and it turned into the best day! In the midst of all the roller coaster feelings, I was able to feel God's love so immensely and it was amazing. Things are lookin better and I'm getting better at espaƱol!! Since then we have taught about 4 more people and we have another lesson tonight. I love teaching in spanish and finally words will come to me and I am having a better time understanding everything. 

I feel like I have been here for about 50 years now. Yep, not exaggerating. It is such a weird thing, but things are going well! Keep me updated with everything and send me lots of pics so I can remember that there is actually real life outside the CCM. I love you all verryyyy much and pray for you daily. I am happy to be a missionary!  

Love Hermana Woods (Or Hermana Boots as the Mexicans say it.. or Hermana Woody as my teacher calls me haha)

Pics: Momma Woods sent me a package with mini family pictures so that I can always have you with me! Shoutout to my favotire mom!!! I get those out all the time! notice that I have changed the nutella diet quite drastically in the past district, and me reading my favorite book!

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