Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 27, 2015 Skinnypants

Date: April 27, 2015 at 3:00:23 PM MST
Subject: Re: Great Week!

Dear Family, Jazzie only wanted to write to me and Todd this week. We have challenged each other to go off soda and caffine. She is way ahead of me by about two months. But we are both feeling great! This is the last part of her letter that she wrote. 

okay I love you! also Im Jazzie skinny pants wooh hoo! I HAVE GONE MORE THAN 2 months without coke...thats a huge victory!!! im gonna go by a blender and some protein. I cant wait to go to the temple with you wooh hoo. If you loved me before, youll love me even ,more when I see you in 5 months wooh hoo!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

April 20 On to the next adventure!

Date: April 20, 2015 at 3:51:57 PM MST
Subject: On to the next adventure!

Hey team, so here´s the comp left and now Im training again wooh hoo! My comp is Hermana Martinez from Guatemala, she is so tiny that people always ask her if she´s 13..15 if they´re being generous..but shes 21 haha also it doesnt help that I am super tall. The people here have no problem telling me that I´m a giant either haha but I just tell them that I am super normal!

Things are going really well though. It really amazes me that I get more happy every single week! I really hope that its like that when I get back to the real world. We are opening the area and so we don´t really have a ton to work with right now, but we will this week. We are putting on a performance for the city at the end of May and we started practices yesterday, all the missionaries from my zone are participating, its gonna be sweet! Im the soloist..but Im a little nervous cause I have to memorize the song in spanish and Its reallyyy high, and hard but Im excited! 

News of the week....I ate cow tongue. and it was gross! The little girl next to me quietly whispers to me that it was cow tongue and I just pictured a big ol cow mooing with his tongue all slobbery...not a good picture. So needless to say, I said thanks but no thanks hhaa. On another note, I am teaching the people here how to make tortillas because they have no idea. Everyone still is in shock at the singing gringa who can make tortillas.

I love being a missionary!! We will have a great week again this week, I know it. Thank you for all the love and support. I hope all his well with everyone :) sorry there are no pics today, Ill get on that next week! adios!

Hermana Woods!

April 13, 2015 Better Days

hey team, this week was way better than the last one! And it went by soooo fast that I don't even know what to say haha but all is well! My comp and I are having a lot of fun, even though I think that she will have transfers this week and I will have my 8th companion..I am always changing comps but its great to get to meet new people! so far I have had companions from Arizona, Bolivia, Panama, Mexico, Honduras, Peru and Guatemala. Kinda cool, huh? I love all my companions, they have been so great! Ill keep you posted with who my next one is, next week! But I think that I will be staying in this area. 

I am in Danli and in the middle of the mountains. Its not too hot and its not too cold. There is a lot of poverty here though, so very sad but living right in the middle of it I think that I get used to it. Its the way of life for the people here. And the only way I can help is spiritually, which I think is the best way. Also there are two giant mountains with Crosses at the top so its not too hard to know where I am. My area is pretty small, but its rough because its only mountains and stairs! Its such a different world from the south and the city. But the missionary work is all the same! There are good days, really bad days, and awesome days. I feel like its just like real life too. Thats why I just try to always look at the positive side of things, smile and keep on keepin on! 

the only other things that happened this week are that my comp had a birthday! I made her breakfast honduras style...eggs, beans, tortillas, plateno which is kinda like banana and hot chocolate..yum haha I am so over the food here but only 6 months left then I will be back in the good ol USA..wishing that I was still in Honduras with my little best friends here. 

Life is good, the mission is great and I am happy! Thank you for all your support and if you are reading this, for keeping up with your favorite missionary girl :) here's to another week of miracles! Until next time
From Michelle: These dresses Jazzie and her companion and the kids are wearing are from a school project my friends daughter did at her high school global studies. We helped her make and sent over 50 dresses to Jazzie in Honduras for her to give out to the struggling families there.

Hermana Woods

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hey family and friends, I am here to announce that I have officially left the good ol´South, Choluteca and hit the mountains! I am now in Danli and its a mix of the city and the south region. Its just like my first area! Just besides that fact that this area is a lot more poor, and its more city like. Our mission has 3 regions and they are all so different from each other. This week was full of so many challenges, but in the midst of them, I got to go to the temple, meet another amazing comp and listen to our beloved Prophet and leaders to be spiritually filled for the next 6 months. I LOVED general conference! And I am sure that everyone who watched it felt the same. 

SO this week I hit my year mark! Wooh hoo!! well...I spent the entire day sleeping because I got really reallyyyy sick. But the cute hermanas here brought me a cupcake and it made everything better! Its been a year full of many things:

A year being Hermana Woods, Boots, and Goods
A year full of drinking out of bags of water
A year full of washing my clothes by hand
A year full of speaking, praying, and singing in only spanish
A year full of making best friends
A year full of helping seeing lives change
A year of only communicating with my family and friends via email
A year without technology, music and iphone apps
A year with studying the Bible and the Book of Mormon daily
A year getting to know my Heavenly Father
A year representing our Savior Jesus Christ.

It has really been the best year of my life! I have so many more experiences ahead of me in these last 6 months. These next few will be full of challenges, but I am ready to take them head on! I have the worlds best support team. I have Jesus Christ by my side. What else do I need? I love it here and I wish everyone could have an experience like this! 

Thank you for all the love and support, here´s to a better week and more  miracles! Until next time :)

Hermana Woods!

heres pics of a giant nametag that I found. A pic of us at conference with my mom Hermana Rodriguez, she goes home next week and we are sooo sad about it!