Thursday, November 20, 2014


Hey I always told you that I would keep you updated when I got sick so here's the update: I didn't leave my house once this whole week because I got superrr sick. I got whats called dengue which is from mosquitos and its really dangerous. (a ton of missionaries have gotten it) but it lowers your platelets and white blood cells and comes with a fever, body pain and head aches.  Literally every single bone and joint hurt I couldn't even lay down without crying..and walking wasnt even in the question, it was awful. I had a fever of 104 for 3 days...but the important thing is that I am better now! I had to get another blood test this morning and now I just have a weird rash...all over my arms and legs. not fun. thats just an update. but don't worry about me because I ' have in anymore which is seriously a miracle because I legit thought I need to make a trip home real quick. but all is well hermana woods is A okay!!

Let's Go To The Beach! Nov 10th 2014

Let's go to the beachhhh!!! Today was so much fun., After 6 months of doing the same thing for pd-ays today we got to go to the beach! It was so sweet because from where we were we would see Nicaragua and El Salvador and we were right it the middle. We had the whole beach to ourselves and although we couldn't get it, it was still fun. we played soccer and I took a nice little rest in my hammock of course with a diet coke on the side. It was great, I love Honduras!!

This week was really sweet and flewww by, I seriously can't believe. I love my companion so much we seriously laugh all day long and get everyone else to laugh too. We are workin really hard and seeing progress. We are planning a wedding and about 10 baptisms for this month, added prayers would be great thank you!

So we are teaching a family with 5 girls and this week they had to do their laundry in the we went to the river! They were all running and playing and we watched them for a little bit and then sang some songs. The ants were eating me alive so everyone was staring at the dancing was so funny! I love these little girls, they are like my sisters here!

The family that we are helping get married and baptized are so special! But...funny thing is that they didnt go to church this week because the guy, Mario and his son decided to go hunting for me...they eat this thing called Garro which is a mix between an iguana and crocodile thats black and clue. I told them I havent tried it so they went out the next day to catch me one haha. hondurans these days...I still havent tried it yet but some day soon I think..eww.

Gotta run because Im out of time as usual. Thanks for everything, love you all tons! Until next time :) heres some pics!

Hermana Woods!

I saved a crab...then on the way to show everyone it died :(
my comp, me and the other crazy latina thats in my zone

Hermana Boots and Torres, the perfect duo!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Choluteca, Honduras HERE COMES JAZZIE

Guess who´s in the south?!? THIS GIRL!!! SO the misión boundaries and huge..I am in an área 4 hours away from where I was before and it is seriously a different world!! Everything is opposite now. Before I was in an área with: crazy climate that was cold and rainy, hills and mountains for days, people who were hard to convert because they had lots of money, tourists, a church in a school house and same stuff for 6 months. NOW im here i an área called Choluteca and its sooo hot here..hittin the hundreds daily, the people are so humble and everyone wants to listen to us, we have a beautiful chapel, new people, new área, there are no hills. or stairs wooh hoo!! It is a crazy change but this is where I wanted to go. and Im back with my trainer Hermana Rodríguez in the same zone so I am wayyy happier than I was before!

So my new comp is Hermana Torres from Mexico and she is the best. now I know I always so that...but really I think we are the best team! We just get eachother, and we have so much love for these people and that´s the key. She only has 6 weeks left of the misión and we keep saying and This is our month!! Because its true. We are working so hard and opening an área..again. Its had its hard and hot days but I love it here and didnt know that I could be even happier than I was before. life is goooodd!!

One thing that is sweet here is that we love to offer service. and even more that the people accept it! I learned how to make tortillas in Santa Lucia so thats the first thing we tell people. Everyone is so surprised at the gringa who can make tortillas faster than they can who have been doing it their whole lives...I seriously love it! and the people do too..its a great door opener.

We have really met some amazing people here already, there´s a different feel down here and I love it. We are startin the fire down here and have high goals and higher dreams for this change. We are ready to see some miracles here!

the first night we got here it started pouringggg rain..but it was the first time since Arizona that I was in hot rain and it was great. I spent the night dancing in the streets and just talking with every single person in the streets to share the good Word! Its a different world in the South but I love it and guess what? we bought coconuts here to drink the wáter or milk thats inside and we´re gonna have that for dinner tonight. SO excited for these next adventures ahead of us!!

Thanks for all the love and support team, we´re doin good! Love you all so much!! Ill send pics next week!

Hermana one absolutely no one can pronounce my name Im hermana gwwwowds or wooh hoooo!! haha.

Jazzies Gives A Man A Makeover and He comes to Church! Oct. 27, 2014

Hey team, this week was a little rough but also filled with two of the best experiences Ive had on my mission! This week I really learned how to see other people through the eyes of the Lord. So I have two stories for you! 

First of all, so there is this man names Raul, he is 79 and he is homeless right now. Hes always just chillin in the street and relaxing and we are best friends. He is a member of the church but hasnt been coming because he is scared that people will judge him because he is really scruffy and has dirty clothes. We have a friend in the barbershop business so we took him to get a hair cut and look all handsome. Its been years since he's cut his hair and he looked like a whole new man! He was so happy and was so thankful. I was so happy to serve and help him, and he came to church looking all nice. it was great!!

The other night we went to this school for blind people because we are teaching the owner. We were just about to start the lesson and this guy walks out to sing and play his guitar. He was so sweet and has such a talent for music! We invited him over to sing a hymn and play for us. Not too long after, two olther guys came out with their guitars and even though they can not see, they were playing so well. We sung the night away, singing hymns and improving other songs. This day was really hard but ended so beautifully. I love this service that we are doing! I have learned that everyone is imporant to God and deserves to hear this message, no matter what kind of person they are!

So changes are on Wednesday and I am 99% sure that I will have them, I just feel it. It will be soooo sad to leave this area because its everything to me, and really the only thing I know right now. But everything will work out and Ill go where the Lord wants me to go. I love my calling and I just want everyone to know about this work. I love you all thanks for the support!! Until next time!

Hermana Woods :)

here is some pics for ya!

Rapunzel! Oct 20, 2014

hey everyone, after 10 longggggggg days stuck in my apartment like Rapunzel, I left my tower amd got my cast off! This week really was a challenge, but at the same time I learned so much. I am loving reading the scriptures and I highly suggest that if you can do it more, do it! They really have made a change in my mood and just outlook on life. After not being able to work for a while, I am so inspired to get back into the missionary swing of things! There is a change that I'll have changes this week and Im really sad about that, but we will see.

Thank you for all the love and prayers for my foot to heal, they worked! I now have another brace and have to walk on crutches for 2 weeks..but you all know me and I already have been dancing today. I need to be more careful though, I know I know. 

So this week I went and got my Honduras residency! I am officially Catracha wooh hoo! I fgeel really official and this means that I have less than a year left here..I can not believe that, time is flying and I need to live it up and get back to work!

So I was supposed to give a talk this sunday, broken foot and all and the presidents wife came here to give me a ride and the car got stuck in a ditch on our way..we live at the top of a mountain and we got stranded for an adventure and I didnt end up having to give a talk and everything turned out fine. It was so great to see everyone again.

I hope all is well and you are all happy! I need to go because today is martas birthday and we are off to have a family night party at her house with my second family. love and miss you all! Keep on keeping on :) 

Love, Hermana Woods!