Monday, November 3, 2014

Choluteca, Honduras HERE COMES JAZZIE

Guess who´s in the south?!? THIS GIRL!!! SO the misión boundaries and huge..I am in an área 4 hours away from where I was before and it is seriously a different world!! Everything is opposite now. Before I was in an área with: crazy climate that was cold and rainy, hills and mountains for days, people who were hard to convert because they had lots of money, tourists, a church in a school house and same stuff for 6 months. NOW im here i an área called Choluteca and its sooo hot here..hittin the hundreds daily, the people are so humble and everyone wants to listen to us, we have a beautiful chapel, new people, new área, there are no hills. or stairs wooh hoo!! It is a crazy change but this is where I wanted to go. and Im back with my trainer Hermana Rodríguez in the same zone so I am wayyy happier than I was before!

So my new comp is Hermana Torres from Mexico and she is the best. now I know I always so that...but really I think we are the best team! We just get eachother, and we have so much love for these people and that´s the key. She only has 6 weeks left of the misión and we keep saying and This is our month!! Because its true. We are working so hard and opening an área..again. Its had its hard and hot days but I love it here and didnt know that I could be even happier than I was before. life is goooodd!!

One thing that is sweet here is that we love to offer service. and even more that the people accept it! I learned how to make tortillas in Santa Lucia so thats the first thing we tell people. Everyone is so surprised at the gringa who can make tortillas faster than they can who have been doing it their whole lives...I seriously love it! and the people do too..its a great door opener.

We have really met some amazing people here already, there´s a different feel down here and I love it. We are startin the fire down here and have high goals and higher dreams for this change. We are ready to see some miracles here!

the first night we got here it started pouringggg rain..but it was the first time since Arizona that I was in hot rain and it was great. I spent the night dancing in the streets and just talking with every single person in the streets to share the good Word! Its a different world in the South but I love it and guess what? we bought coconuts here to drink the wáter or milk thats inside and we´re gonna have that for dinner tonight. SO excited for these next adventures ahead of us!!

Thanks for all the love and support team, we´re doin good! Love you all so much!! Ill send pics next week!

Hermana one absolutely no one can pronounce my name Im hermana gwwwowds or wooh hoooo!! haha.

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