Monday, November 3, 2014

Jazzies Gives A Man A Makeover and He comes to Church! Oct. 27, 2014

Hey team, this week was a little rough but also filled with two of the best experiences Ive had on my mission! This week I really learned how to see other people through the eyes of the Lord. So I have two stories for you! 

First of all, so there is this man names Raul, he is 79 and he is homeless right now. Hes always just chillin in the street and relaxing and we are best friends. He is a member of the church but hasnt been coming because he is scared that people will judge him because he is really scruffy and has dirty clothes. We have a friend in the barbershop business so we took him to get a hair cut and look all handsome. Its been years since he's cut his hair and he looked like a whole new man! He was so happy and was so thankful. I was so happy to serve and help him, and he came to church looking all nice. it was great!!

The other night we went to this school for blind people because we are teaching the owner. We were just about to start the lesson and this guy walks out to sing and play his guitar. He was so sweet and has such a talent for music! We invited him over to sing a hymn and play for us. Not too long after, two olther guys came out with their guitars and even though they can not see, they were playing so well. We sung the night away, singing hymns and improving other songs. This day was really hard but ended so beautifully. I love this service that we are doing! I have learned that everyone is imporant to God and deserves to hear this message, no matter what kind of person they are!

So changes are on Wednesday and I am 99% sure that I will have them, I just feel it. It will be soooo sad to leave this area because its everything to me, and really the only thing I know right now. But everything will work out and Ill go where the Lord wants me to go. I love my calling and I just want everyone to know about this work. I love you all thanks for the support!! Until next time!

Hermana Woods :)

here is some pics for ya!

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