Monday, January 26, 2015


Hey everyone!! Thank you soo much for the birthday wishes and love. It was a great day! Well actually a really normal day..but all is well. We ate about 6 different times that day and we couldn't work the next day cause it made me sick haha so don't worry, I got well taken care of! We didn't have a baptism fell through and I am still very sad about it. Satan just gets people sometimes...but we still have hope!

So changes were this week and I am staying in my area yay!! I LOVE my new comp...I always do but this one is really special. We were in the same zone when she started the mission. Her name is Hermana Mamani, from Peru. Up until now, every comp I've had has been from a different country, cool huh? We were sitting next to each other when they announced us as comps and we jumped up so excited! also...she's from a tiny town so she only eats fruit and get mad when I eat chocolate and the diet has officially begun! wooh hoo!

Today we had to take a surprise trip to the I'm in Tegus right now and we have to go to take a 3 hour bus ride back to the south. My comp is getting glasses...not a fun Pday but thats okay! We are learning a lot and meeting tonssss of people now.

Also my ward mission leader (my BFF) he's a grandpa but we are seriously besties..anyway him and his wife surprised me with a chocolate cake on my birthday so I was the happiest girl ever! They don't have chocolate cake here...just 3 milk cake haha. Thank you for the love and support, I felt it this week. Have a great one!! 

Love, Hermana Woods! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Jazzie!!!

Hey family and friends! Guess who is the birthday girl this week...Hermanaa Woods, sopresa!! haha I cant believe that I will be 20..I feel so old! I have done a lot of thinking this week and I am learning so much. I feel like I have hit my peak as a missionary. I now take things more seriously, love the people even more and hope I teach as Christ himself would want me to.

I was looking at my shoes this week that I have used for 9 months basically everyday and they are really worn out. So much so that it hurts every time I wear them, and at first that bothered me but now I am glad that it does. Any normal person would just look at them and think they're a worn out pair of shoes, but they are more than that to me. Because I have done so many things in these pair of not so cute missionary shoes... I have seen miracles, watched lives change, cried from feeling for these people, walked to many doors who have rejected us and even broken my foot in these shoes. I am so thankful for all that I have gone through so far and what I have ahead of me still.

This mission is full of amazing experiences! This week a sweet lady in our ward passed away. I was asked to give a talk at the funeral..I am not sure why they picked me, I honestly didn't know the lady, but I was honored to be a part of this day. I talked about the Plan of Salvation and how much God really does love us. I felt the spirit so strongly as I shared this message of happiness to a room full of people with tear filled eyes. I cried for these people as well because I genuinely feel a deep love for them. I finished my talk with a hymn by singing I need thee Every Hour and Lead Kindly Light and I felt the spirit so strongly. I know where that sweet hermana is and that she is better off where she is now. And that families really are together forever!

I love this gospel so much and I love being a missionary even more! This week we have changes we will see what happens. Have a great week!and eat some birthday cake for me because good cake and ice cream don't exist here haha Love you all tons.

Hermana Woods :)

pics: my rockin sister shoes! and my daughters and I at the beach! we went there today and played volleyball, so fun!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Damas et Caballeres

Hey friends and family! I seriously feel like I just blinked and now its Pday again...I am just confused as to what happened with the week. But all good things! Oh yeah, I know...we went to the temple this week! We took the 4  hour trip to the city to go and it was so great. It was so nice to feel the peace and love that is there. Its also great cause we take an 8 hour road trip with a bus full of missionaries, so its good bonding time.

This week I wanna talk about 2 girls who are way special, and really a miracle! There is a mom and a daughter, Herlinda and Neidy. Neidy is 16 and we've been teaching them for 2 weeks and she already wants to serve a misión! We seriously love them so much and its great teaching a mom and daughter who are so close, just how I am with my mom. I really do have more family here, who knew?

Also I went to visit Bessy and her family today beacause I just missed them so much. They live in the área over, but I went to surprise them and they were so excited! It wasn't the same cause I didn't have my Hermana Torres with me, but it was still fun. Bessy is having twins!! I told her to name one Jasmine and the other Woods hahah that would be sweet, huh? I love that family!!

Changes are next week and I will have a new comp...again! mine is going to El Salvador for her real misión. We will see what happens with this new transfer, Im feelin that it will be a good one. I LOVE being a missionary, there is seriously nothing better. Thank you for being my friends! have a great week :)

hermana Woods!

classy 5 star bathroom...road trip style. Thats how we wash our hands and flush the toilets haha I just had to share. Then pics of the temple and my favorite family!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Senora Santa

Heyy Team! I seriously can NOT believe that its adios 2014 and hollaaaa 2015. and I have news this missionary girl will be home this year haha yay! But dont worry...Im still not baggy to be home yet. There are still lives to brighten, hearts to touch and souls to save. Speaking of which I have a great story to tell this week!! well with what happened in the past 4 days. miracles still exist!!

So we are opening this area and we had to start from scratch on everythinggg except these 2 sweet, awesome kids named Montserath..Monse for short and Dustin. Monse just turned 13 and Dustin is 10. There are what we say pilas! Which is super awesome investigators who just love the gospel and understand everything. The first time I met Monse, I feel in love. This girl has a heart like I have never seen before. They live in one room and don have anything except eachother. There is a lack of love from the single mom but this girl has it all.

The thing is, is that these kids still faithfully believe in santa clause (WARNING if you are reading this and have little kids that believe...stop reading it to them haha) She wrote a letter to him and put it under her bed..and I said well of course you havent ever gotten a present cause Santa doesnt KNOW by magic where your letter is if there isnt a plate of have to send it in the mail! So she gave me her letter and we mailed my scrap book that I will keep forever. All she asked for this christmas was for peace and love in her home, that the kids without presents would get them, world peace and that the people without homes would have homes for that sweet is that!

So we decided to be santa secretly and it was such a joy to see the looks on their face! I have never loved giving a gift more than this night that we had with them. They were overjoyed and I am so happy that they still have the christmas spirit with them! Then they gave a present to Jesus Christ as well. They were baptized two days later!!

This baptism was so special! Monse went first and then wanted to see her little brother so she comes running in and slips and falls and we all die laughing...but she doesnt hurt, I dont feel a thing cause God helped me! then she stood there getting the whole chapel wet and we watched her brother. They really are the sweetest kids and I am so luck to have met them!

Sorry to write a novel today..but some miracles are just worth sharing! I love this work. happy new year and happy 9 months and half way mark to this girl!! love you all tons. 

hermana Woods! aka Señora Santa