Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Damas et Caballeres

Hey friends and family! I seriously feel like I just blinked and now its Pday again...I am just confused as to what happened with the week. But all good things! Oh yeah, I know...we went to the temple this week! We took the 4  hour trip to the city to go and it was so great. It was so nice to feel the peace and love that is there. Its also great cause we take an 8 hour road trip with a bus full of missionaries, so its good bonding time.

This week I wanna talk about 2 girls who are way special, and really a miracle! There is a mom and a daughter, Herlinda and Neidy. Neidy is 16 and we've been teaching them for 2 weeks and she already wants to serve a misión! We seriously love them so much and its great teaching a mom and daughter who are so close, just how I am with my mom. I really do have more family here, who knew?

Also I went to visit Bessy and her family today beacause I just missed them so much. They live in the área over, but I went to surprise them and they were so excited! It wasn't the same cause I didn't have my Hermana Torres with me, but it was still fun. Bessy is having twins!! I told her to name one Jasmine and the other Woods hahah that would be sweet, huh? I love that family!!

Changes are next week and I will have a new comp...again! mine is going to El Salvador for her real misión. We will see what happens with this new transfer, Im feelin that it will be a good one. I LOVE being a missionary, there is seriously nothing better. Thank you for being my friends! have a great week :)

hermana Woods!

classy 5 star bathroom...road trip style. Thats how we wash our hands and flush the toilets haha I just had to share. Then pics of the temple and my favorite family!

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