Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Jazzie!!!

Hey family and friends! Guess who is the birthday girl this week...Hermanaa Woods, sopresa!! haha I cant believe that I will be 20..I feel so old! I have done a lot of thinking this week and I am learning so much. I feel like I have hit my peak as a missionary. I now take things more seriously, love the people even more and hope I teach as Christ himself would want me to.

I was looking at my shoes this week that I have used for 9 months basically everyday and they are really worn out. So much so that it hurts every time I wear them, and at first that bothered me but now I am glad that it does. Any normal person would just look at them and think they're a worn out pair of shoes, but they are more than that to me. Because I have done so many things in these pair of not so cute missionary shoes... I have seen miracles, watched lives change, cried from feeling for these people, walked to many doors who have rejected us and even broken my foot in these shoes. I am so thankful for all that I have gone through so far and what I have ahead of me still.

This mission is full of amazing experiences! This week a sweet lady in our ward passed away. I was asked to give a talk at the funeral..I am not sure why they picked me, I honestly didn't know the lady, but I was honored to be a part of this day. I talked about the Plan of Salvation and how much God really does love us. I felt the spirit so strongly as I shared this message of happiness to a room full of people with tear filled eyes. I cried for these people as well because I genuinely feel a deep love for them. I finished my talk with a hymn by singing I need thee Every Hour and Lead Kindly Light and I felt the spirit so strongly. I know where that sweet hermana is and that she is better off where she is now. And that families really are together forever!

I love this gospel so much and I love being a missionary even more! This week we have changes again..so we will see what happens. Have a great week!and eat some birthday cake for me because good cake and ice cream don't exist here haha Love you all tons.

Hermana Woods :)

pics: my rockin sister shoes! and my daughters and I at the beach! we went there today and played volleyball, so fun!!

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