Thursday, November 20, 2014

Let's Go To The Beach! Nov 10th 2014

Let's go to the beachhhh!!! Today was so much fun., After 6 months of doing the same thing for pd-ays today we got to go to the beach! It was so sweet because from where we were we would see Nicaragua and El Salvador and we were right it the middle. We had the whole beach to ourselves and although we couldn't get it, it was still fun. we played soccer and I took a nice little rest in my hammock of course with a diet coke on the side. It was great, I love Honduras!!

This week was really sweet and flewww by, I seriously can't believe. I love my companion so much we seriously laugh all day long and get everyone else to laugh too. We are workin really hard and seeing progress. We are planning a wedding and about 10 baptisms for this month, added prayers would be great thank you!

So we are teaching a family with 5 girls and this week they had to do their laundry in the we went to the river! They were all running and playing and we watched them for a little bit and then sang some songs. The ants were eating me alive so everyone was staring at the dancing was so funny! I love these little girls, they are like my sisters here!

The family that we are helping get married and baptized are so special! But...funny thing is that they didnt go to church this week because the guy, Mario and his son decided to go hunting for me...they eat this thing called Garro which is a mix between an iguana and crocodile thats black and clue. I told them I havent tried it so they went out the next day to catch me one haha. hondurans these days...I still havent tried it yet but some day soon I think..eww.

Gotta run because Im out of time as usual. Thanks for everything, love you all tons! Until next time :) heres some pics!

Hermana Woods!

I saved a crab...then on the way to show everyone it died :(
my comp, me and the other crazy latina thats in my zone

Hermana Boots and Torres, the perfect duo!!

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