Friday, April 25, 2014

Que Padre

We learned that que padre means Cool! This week was really good! It rained every day again and so we just played and played! This week went by super fast and I don't have a lot of time to write only 5 more minutes but esta bien! 

We had TRC again last night and it was 10 times better. This week we actually got a real investigator! He was awesome, we just talked about the importance of prayer and the spirit was so strong! For the first time I didn't really have to use notes at all and I was so happy to have that experience. Last week the people were both members, but they were pretending to not be..the first one had a family search hat on, so we knew he was just trying to stump us. I didn't have to be firm with the investigator last night, I just keep smiling and spitting out broken spanish but it was great!  I'm never afraid to say what I feel like I need to say. That  sounds pretty bad... and I wouldn't have said anything unless I really needed to. If I go off what the spirit says it's all good! It's not bad to be the nice guy though, that's a good thing! 

okay so the other day, It was pouring rain and we decided to play kickball...I was pitcher and noticed that there was a little black hole in the ball that was keeping all the air in. I was just poking it and BOOM it blew up!! It shot past my ear and it was the loudest/scariest moment of my life, but also hilarious! I pretended like the air blew my ear off so like 20 people ran over to see if I was okay. But I uncovered my eyes to show people that I was laughing and not was definitely an experience to remember.  I just stood up and said "better luck next time boys" so I think I'll just stick to volleyball from now on haha.

Time is finally starting to go by faster! all is well, and I love it here! I'm already on week 4...I wanna get to honduras already, but it will be soon! I leave on May 13th. I love you all and miss you tons!! I can't wait to skype the fam!!! That's coming up so soon! 

Okay so my companera and I decided to buy jerseys from this sketchy worker cause they were only 30 bucks...300 pesos and I love em!! We aren't allowed to wear em around here though or else the worker will get in trouble, but he was nice so we just went with it! 

I had a lot of friends leave this week and it was way sad, but people are always coming in and out of this place. My two best guy friends Elder Porter and Sessions leave this week so that'll be hard. But they're both going to honduras so we'll stay close! Porter gave me rootbeer this week and I was so happy I could cry. I love you all!!! La iglegia es verdarero!!! Te amo!!

Hermana Woods :)

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