Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Word from the Space Ship Galactica

Hellooo!!!!! I've made it a month wooh hooo!!!! Time is seriously FLYING. It's insane that I only have one Pday left here...I'm so excited to get to Honduras!  Me encanta español ahora y cada vez es más fácil enseñar y entender! finalmente, yo puede habla que yo quierro hablo!! Ignore my awful grammar and everything...but I seriously love spanish!! I can finally understand and go off of the spirit instead of a script and it's way better that way. It's amazing the progress that we can make in just a month! I wish that you guys could just come sit in on a lesson. One day I will teach you all ;)

Here's a little story about my district...they've become my second family here. esta bien! So, sometimes I get in trouble for dozing off in TALL..which is a computer instructed spanish lesson. All the elders sit there and pretend to be on a freakin Spaceship...and my Zone leader is the captain...and I get in trouble for peacefully resting my eyes while they yell "let the space battleship gallactaca commence!" or whatever the heck they say... haha they are interesting. but all is well! We all wear headsets, so naturally we are on a spaceship. The elders are a bit dorky,but they know it and love it, so you gotta love them!

hmm...I forgot to tell you all last week but we had an earthquake here!! It was a 7.3 or something like that..There are a bunch of green circles that you're supposed to stand in when there's one. So when we heard the sirens go off we were all so excited and ran out to meet in there. The ground felt like waves of the ocean and it was SWEET! I wasn't scared, cause we are protected here, but it was a sweet experience. 

In other news, I got 10 MOSQUITO BITES THIS WEEK!!! All two days apart on the same leg...yeah, NOT fun. It storms every day here so there are bugs everywhere...but the rain is worth it! We always dance around after gym, and we started CCM 4 square this week haha good times. 

We got to go to the temple today!! We finally go to leave the CCM walls and see what Mexico city is really like. It's super sketch as I always say, but it was awesome! I love being a part of a different culture, it's sweet. A lot of it reminds me of when we were traveling through Africa. There is a lot of poverty, but it is just the way of life for them here. There's 15,000 people here per square mile!!! It's insane! But, I'm thankful for everything that we have, and with that, I'm excited to bring our message to these people to make them happy as well.

Oh yeah, one more thing! I spoke in church on Sunday and gave my first talk in Spanish! It was sweet! Then right after, my companera got up to speak and she says " Hola, yo Soy hermana Woods..." there was a silence for a little bit and then everyone started busting up laughing because her name is Hermana Johnson, or Yonz for short haha. I love her! This week was really good and I can't wait to skype the fam on mother's day. Love you all, have a great week!! 

XOXO your favorite missionary :)

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