Friday, May 9, 2014

Cheespas! (some spanish word...i think it means Spark haha) Last Week at the CCM

Hi friends!!! This was a great week! I seriously love spanish!! I leave the CCM on Monday morning!!! I can't believe it's finally time to go! haha seriously, this morning my companion and I walked out and we look straight awful (She dared me to wear my teeva sandals...and I'm rockin walmart sweats and my sweet authentic bag from Mexico City haha it's great) and I just said "Yonz, we're veterans, we own this place, so who cares what people think?!" two seconds we saw one of the presidents and ran the other direction haha. but it's okay because YOPOW (you only P day once a week haha) 

We had a lot of good lessons this week as well! We have this one teacher who is hilarious and he hurt his foot and started talking that he wanted to have "feliz pieds" like the movie and he started to tap was great haha. Then we were talking about the priesthood and he compared it to the power like in Dragon ball Z..we were cracking up and explained that the priesthood is even better than that power! 

okay so funny story of the week is that on Monday we decided to make it 'Murica monday and our whole district matched and were patriotic for our group pictures. Half way through the day we realized that it was Cinco de Mayo...oops haha we were celebrating the wrong country. But It was sweet cause the food here is nast and we were hoping for american food for lunch in honor of our America day..and guess what?! we walked into the cafeteria and it was cheesburgers and waffle fries! It was a Murica Monday miracle haha. 

Big news. I took a challenge this weekend that my dad gave me and I highlighted all the references to the Savior in El Libro de Mormon! I did it in one day!! I also did a full fast for 24 hours for the family and it looks like it worked! Instead of Feasting on the words of christ, I decided to feast on the Word Christ and I was filled with the spirit instead on was loco!! But a good crazy! This is without a doubt the ONLY true church and everyone needs to know about it! I encourage you guys to do this challenge!! 

I'm so so excited to get to honduras!!! Next time I talk to you all I will be out in the field. I love and miss you all tons and tons. Have a great week!! I can't wait to skype the fam on Sunday!!! Adios!

hermana Woody

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