Monday, May 11, 2015

Team Woods Unite!

Hey family and friends! happy late mothers day to all my favorite moms out there! It was soooo much fun talking to my family yesterday :) I cant believe that was the LAST time. I feel like I have been here for ever, but I haven't felt the time go by at all! I have enjoyed every bit of my mission so far and I am bummed that I have such short time left. Just gotta live it up! 

Yesterday was crazy... apart from being in the ward choir, walking an hour under the blazing sun to eat lunch...forgetting the phone and having to walk back another hour..we get to our house and it was flooding!!! We accidentally left the shower faucet thing on (we had to use buckets of water in the morning cause there wasn't running water) and there was water EVERYWHERE. then we got to go home and let all the stress out by talking to the fam. Everyone looks so old, but other than that everything's normal.

Im still the happy Jazzie that Ive always been. But now I feel like I am Jazzie 2.0 haha. I am learning and getting better every single day. We changed our attitudes about the area and we are finally seeing progress. There are people who are prepared in every area..we just need to find them. Another thing Ive learned it that we need to always have an attitude of gratitude. I could be really sad that we live in a poor area..but i am happier than ever because we are so blessed. One day I swear Im gonna come back here and help these people. 

I am also reading Jesus the Christ and it is my new obsession. I am learning so much! I have grown to love the scriptures instead of thinking of it as an obligation. If you have the scrips, read em! and if not...get them. 

I love you all! Thank you for everything, have a great week! 

hermana Woods :)

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