Monday, May 18, 2015


hey team, hope that everything is going well! This week was realllyyyyy challenging. But its good to have a week like that every once in a while. Something that I have really learned is that the bad times make the good so much more enjoyable.

So remember how I told you about Leslie..who was supposed to get married and baptized on the 30th? well she decided to run Costa Rica. She left her 3 little kids with her spouse and mother in law..and just ran away because she got mad at her boyfriend. they have lived together for 8 years and for whatever reason she felt the need to drop everything and go. I dont understand these people here. Everyone wants to run away here and it breaks my heart. I just hugged the 3 little kids and cried with them because she said that she is never coming back...I love this family so much and they need some serious help. So mom..if I come home with 3 little kids, dont hate me :)

another investigator, one of our best told us of her brilliant plan she had to run away to the good Ol USA illegally...we calmed her down for a good hour and finally convinced her not to go. She is the one that has 2 twin boys and doesnt have a house. We told her to trust in the Lord, get baptized and she will see blessings. I kind of had to scare her out of it..but it worked!

This area needs a lot of help and so do we! Please pray for the people here, its gonna take an army, but things will get better! On another note, Bessy and Mario got married wooh hoo!!! just 6 months late haha they are getting baptized this saturday.

also we had a culture night and it was so much fun! Ill send some pics of that. Thanks for all the love and support. Until next week :)

hermana Woods!

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