Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day! We laughed and laughed and laughed! She is just as funny as ever. She is doing amazing. She was so touched when we told her that you said hi! She is happy, happy, happy. Her sweet companions, all Latinas, love her and call her mom. She is so cute with her companions and fun. It is a joy for them to be working together. She brings light and the gospel to many every day. She takes a shower by sitting on a bucket and pouring water over her head. She teaches people by sitting on buckets in their homes. She is living in severe poverty and learning so many great qualities and life lessons. She is using every talent she ever even sort of developed like the piano and next week she is performing the flute for a talent show! She hasn't picked up a flute since 8th grade. She is also performing a solo in Spanish for the mayor and city council. She sang a bit and it was beautiful. She is not homesick one bit, she has learned her worth, she loves her scriptures and the Lord. What a blessing this mission has been for her! Don't you worry, she is still the same Jazzie, just on an upgraded model!
We Love Her!!!!!

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