Monday, May 11, 2015

Talked to 100 People!

hey team! Sorry I didnt write last week... Its just because time is going by way fast and I feel like it is always pday haha and I just didnt really feel like writing..but here I am and things are going really well! Its really interesting how that works..some days just suck and are so hard and when I am just about to scream and give up. I say a prayer. God listens. Then we see miracles. Its that simple!

We met so many great people this week. We talked to 100 people and out of them I feel like 5 people will get baptized, but thats how it always is I think. We met 2 little twin boys and their mom and they are so great! They already have testimonies of everything and we only taught them twice, and they went to church. Then we have Leslie who has been needing to get married for 3 months and her husband finally changed his mind and they are getting married and baptized the end of this month woo hoo! We had a family night there on monday, roasted marshmellows and she told us the news! 

We had a general authority come last week, Elder Ochoa hes from the 70 and it  was so great.  he brought such a great spirit there and we learned so much. We are really working on finding the chosen people who are ready to change. our mission is getting a lot better and I love being with hermana Martinez. She is learning really quickly! 

We did divisions this week and I went with Hermana Young, shes one of my favorite gringas! It started pouring rain out of no where so its back to walking through rivers and its awesome! I am also doing insanity so thats killing me but I love it. Oh yeah, and I am practicing playing the flute for a performance that we are doing with the thats just hilarious cause I havent played that thing since 8th grade...

hmm what else? well yesterday was sunday and we forgot to buy we literally ate just eggs and wheat bread for lunch and dinner...maybe thats why I am getting skinnier haha gotta love honduras. I love this mission!!! happy jazzie. happy mission life. Have a great week! and MOM and family I will see you on sunday. Happy mothers day to all my favorite ladies! 

Love, Hermana Woods

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