Monday, June 30, 2014

Life is Gooooodddd!

Hello everyone! All I can say is that Life is Goooddd! I finally feel way comfortable here and I love the details in everything. I love that I get to drink water out of a little bag every day. I love how pretty my area is and how green/rainy it is all the time. I love that I get to help make baleadas and learn songs in spanish every friday. I love taking the sketch busses and talking to the workers that collect money. I love how people still whistle at me on the streets and instead of walking away, I give em a picture of Jesus. I love that I only speak in Spanish now and that I even dream in Espanol..I love Honduras and my mission!!

This week we were really busy! We made a goal with our zone to have 20 baptisms in our district and 40 for the month. We are doing a zone fast for 40 days (everyone takes a day a week) and we're reading the Book of mormon in one change. We are setting our goals high so we can start making more project and start helping people with their lives!

We are hopefully having a baptism every weekend this month and we have one for Saturday! His name is Enrique, I don't remember if Ive talked about him, but we're great friends. He's a grandpa and always wears a white sombrero. He wants to get baptized but has to stop drinking coffe, we are praying hard for him and need a miracle! His son Luis is also taking the lessons and reading, he had a lot of challenges, but he has faith!

I taught English class this week!! I thought we for sure weren't gonn ahave anyone come, but 8 people showed up and it was a miracle! We did introductions, and taught the alphabet. I decided that I really do want to be a teacher when I get home, I LOVE it! I had my own whiteboard/classroom and everything. but funny thing, I actually have to know Spanish to teach the English class haha it's super fun and a good way to sneakily show people the church and invite them.

So there's this car that always drives around with a loud speaker announcing activities in Santa and announcing fruits and random things they sell in the trunk bed. It's always a guy on a loud speaker like the ice cream man and i always say to my comp "Hermana, Yo Quiero hablar on the speaker and dice 'Libros de Mormon, tarjetas de Jesucristo, nosotros tenemos la verdad, tenemon clases de Ingles Sabados a las tres (that's my fave to say cause it rhymes haha) Iglesia is a las nueve domingos tambien, Tenemos bendicones en nuestro iglesia" cosas asi haha. One day I WILL get on that speaker. 

hmm what else to say. Oh bugs bugs and more bugs! I must be eating too many samitas (sweet bread with sugar on literal favorite thing in the world right now) haha but I guess my blood is super sweet. I have about 20 bites and yesterday I turned into a ninja and killed 10 yesterday, on contact, it was sweet! I use bug spray like perfume, anti itch cream like lotion...and still get attacked haha. but as always, life is good!

Love and miss you all tons! Thanks for all of the prayers and support, I seriously can feel it. I complete 3 meses on Wednesday wooh hoo! Fin, Adios!

bummer, I have a ton of pics this week but this computer is broken again :( Lo Siento for being boring..

Hermana Wooooooddddsss!!!

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