Thursday, July 24, 2014

Workin Teachin Prayin

July 8th, 2014

Hola everyone!! This week was a great one as always :) We're just workin, teachin, preachin, lovin and learnin! You know, the good stuff. This week felt like a day it went by so fast! So on the 2nd I completed 3 months! We had a little fiesta and my comp completed 9 months too. Then it was the 4th of July! and for whatever reason, there were fireworks here too! I think is was a famliy just wanting to have fun, or maybe my gringo friend Bob celebrating haha but it was great. I <3 America! USA and central, and i haven't been to south but Im sure that's great too haha.

This week was pretty sad with our dear frind Enrique. We went to his house and his family wants absoltely nothing to do with us, and actually they were super rude and told us that he moved...we never did find him so we just don't know. He was doing so well though! I hope we can find him and help him out soon. His son Luis is progressing and always sends us texts with scriptures from the book of mormon.

Also it reminds me, we made coffee this week! But a kind that's good for you and not addictive. It's bien facil tambien! It's just 2 maize tortillas and you burn them so they are black and super black, crush it up, add hot water and sugar and it's good to go! It seriously tastes exactly the same. We almost caught our house on fire, but hey we were able to help people get over their coffee addiction. This Sunday one of the kids, Carlos who's 14 finally came to church with us after 2 months of teaching him, it was a miracle!!

I taught English again and we had a full class! i taught them I am a child of God because we learned the "To be" form. It was a sneaky was ot sneak in some doctrine hah. I love teaching!! Just funny how I have to know Spanish to teach English haha. Si or si I want to be a teacher when I'm home. I have my own whiteboard and everything and I love it. I also taught them the difference between Woods and Goods because no one understands the concept...

Everyhing is good here in Santa Lucia! Last night we helped cook baleadas on the streets and I was singing "Let it Gooo!" I got an audience and it was  so much fun! Also, Shout out to my favorite mom for sending me a package this week!!! I got disney music and sweet workout DVDs and life is so dang good. I love you all, thanks for the love and support and letters! Hasta Luego!!

Hermanita Woods

Pics: Our Happy 3 and 9 months pic, and the 4th! My heart is now in two places :)

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