Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baptism Coming Up!

July 22, 2014
This week was another great one!!! The fastest one yet because we have been workin really hard. I have 2 minutes to write because we are going to miss the bus and low key, I think I broke my toe playing soccer this morning so I need to get that checked out haha but life is good!

First of all, we got a new mission president and he is great! He's from Texas so we can speak English which is even better. and the best thing is that he let's us drink Diet coke! I had my first one today in 3 months and wow it was just great!!

So Enrique is set to get baptized on the 9th and he is so so excited!! I just love that guy. he's so precious. and he came to all of church yesterday, it was a miracle! Marta didn't make it to church though, some day soon, I just know it. 

the guy we were teaching in the barber shop, Wilson is set to get married on August 8th and baptized with his spouse on the 9th. we are so excited for that!! Almost after 3 months, they are progressing. Missionary work is the best work in the world. 

time for my typical line "gotta run, the ciber is closing" Everyone's yelling at me in spanish so get off haha so I gotta run. Sorry this is so short and with no pics. I'll write more next week! Love you all tons and hope you are all doing well!!

hermana Woods!

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