Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Doing the Chicken Dance

have been here for 2 months!! wooh hoo!! today is a fiesta!! we went to this sweet place where there was a giant overlook of all of Honduras basically, and a statue of Jesus..and I have sweet pics but this computer is ghetto (like everything else here) so I can't send pics :( sorry everyone! Thanks for all the letters and support. I love you all tons!

Honduras is crazy! It's seriously an adventure everyday. we had a lesson this week and there were 4 chickens walking in and out of the house. I had to keep my feet off the ground and focus really hard because I was scared that they were going to eat my feet haha. I was trying so hard to focus on the lesson, and you know, spanish..but it was challenging I tell you! Did I ever tell you that our neighbors were cows? well they just disappeared...so I think that they've become someone's dinner now..It is quite sad. 

So on Friday we didn't have any appointments after 7 so we met up with the other hermanas in our group and we helped cook baleadas. (yes, i eat the food here, and oddly enough I crave it!) It's just a tortilla, frijoles, queso, huevos, and some sauce. but they are good! so we just laughed out heads off and cut up bananas, and I taught my hermanas enlgish, it was sweett!!

Last night we were at a members house and they were watching The Voz Kids (The Voice, but it was for kids...kina self explanitory) but it was so funny! The niƱas were so talented so i just had to listen. I kept thinking about our X factor audition experience and about how when I'm home (Lil and Kal this is for you) I'm gonna teach you spanish and we might have a chance at making it on the spanish singing show haha. You down?

speaking of singing, I wanted to tell you about La Iglesia! It is NOTHING like church at home. nothing. we have church in a building that's a school. but more just like a shack. It's supposed to start at 9..but Honduras standard time...so it starts at 9:40. Yes, worse than Mormon Standard Time haha. then we sing..Everyone sings SO loud. like MTA loud, but not as good sounding. like, everyone is so so tone deaf and screms at the top of their lungs, so it's quite the opposite of spiritual music. Haha also, we sing EVERYWHERE. with my compaƱera, on the street, we'll just walk up to people and ask to sing a hymn. It's so funny, like I always laugh (because it sounds awful) and it's just awk. I'm glad I'm in another Country cause it would be sooo weird in America haha. ALSO there is a little puppy that's always at church. I don't remember if I told you last week. But he comes in and out of sacrament. And we have class outside, so he joins us for that too haha good times. 

Okay, so last night! we were wayyyy up in the mountains with a member family and it started pouring rain like pouringggg. our house was a good 20 minutes down the hill. no light, we had to run, it was sketch. but I prayed the whole way, realized HOW COOL my dad did this exact same thing (If you don't know his story, he would love to share it with you) but anyways, I felt totally calm and it was great. I was exhausted before,but I iterally feel like angels were carrying me and helping me run, I'm being dead serious. It was sweet!!!! The church it true and we are so protected!!!! I feel safe here too. So if y'all ever worry about me, don't cause I'm safe and happy!!

I love you all tons!! Have a great week!! Sorry for no pictures :( Adios!

Hermana Goods (W isn't in the honduran spanish alphabet hhaa)

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