Monday, June 9, 2014

Ready Set Go!

Hellooooooooo everyone! Im gonna start off with a quick little story. Ready, set, go! So yesterday, after church..which we finally had someone come with us!!!....but after church we had nada. NADA. no appointments, nothing. So we decided to go discover other parts of our area thats far away. So we start walking, and walking, and hiking, and walking for a good 40 minutes down hill. We ended up in a residential, gated area, and by a soccer field. so we couldn't do anything...then realized we had to hike back UP the mountain! we decided to take a short cut and ended up in the FOREST. legit, the forest!!! we were so confused and SO lost haha it was great. talk about an adventure!! so after 2 hours of trecking, and not talking to anyone, we finally made it back to the main road. 

I have 5 minutes and they're closing the cyber cafe. This week was good!! It went by insanely fast!!! Honduras is so much fun. adventures every day. I love it here!

I MET AN AMERICAN from TEXAS this week!!!! WE were hiking up the mountain and I heard ...only 73 steps to go... and I thought, could it be? an english speaker?? so I ran up and said AHH hi you speak english!!! and we had a nice chat. We met with him later that week and it turns out he retired here and mines for fun! and he gave me some gold!! It was fun teaching in English and the spirit was really strong. 

time to go! I love you all and miss you tons!!! Fin adios!!

Your favorite Hemana

This is what I wrote Jazzie and asked her questions to answer this week. These are my questions and her responses.

1. What is your companions name and what city is she from?
Hermana Rodriguez from La Paz, Bolivia. 
2.How long has she been out? 
8 months as of this week!
3.How are you communicating with her? 
In only spanish! She is the best! Seriously she is hilarious and has so much patience. and is always smiling. we get along GREAT! and I get to teach her english too.
4.Are there other sisters who you live with? 
2 hermanas live in the same apartment complex, theyre great too.
5.How many people are in your district? 
I think 6, but were always with our zone. I love them!! we always do stuff with them on Pday and every thursday a lady cooks for us after meetings
6. How is your Spanish coming?
Im fluent basically...its great!!
7. What do you eat all day?
Oatmeal, for lunch we cook chicken, potatoes, carrots...string cheese hha dinner is oatmeal again. somedays we get to make pancakes. and I eat saltines with honey and peanut butter haha. on the streets they have palletas which is frozen leche and cocoa...ots heaven! and only 50 cents.
8. What did you sing on Sunday?
I have no idea haha. TOmorrow we havea huge zone conference and Im singing with hermana snelson Be Still My Soul because its not in teh spanish himno. 

sorry to be short I still jave to read and reply to 20 emails in 30 mintues ahh. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! 

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