Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sister Missionary or SIster Jungle Chick?

Hi everyone, this week was an adventure once again!!! The answer to the question in the heading is Sister Jungle Chick haha. I seriously love it here so much. It's rainy season so every day we are just soaked head to toe! Last night was absolutely insane. I wish I could've taken a video, it was like a hurricane pretty much. Pouring rain harder than I have ever seen and lightening, thunder, all that good stuff. but like I've said, our house is at the verryyyyy top of the hill so we had to run up these hills (which turned into MASSIVE rivers of 2 feet deep at least) it was the craziest thing of my life, and so much fun!!

This week we got to go to the temple again, but with investigators! It was sweet!! we brought Michel, a girl who's 14, and an abuelo (grandfather) named Enrique, who is my bestie! It was so sweet, and the spirit was really strong. I got to sing again with another hermana and we just got up and sang SeƱor te Necissito and it turned out well. I also walked into the doors of a baptism and they announced to me unknowingly (and now  hna Goods will give a special musical number) happens all the time haha but its fun!

speaking of music...I accidentally told the branch prez that I could play the piano so I played the piano for a branch conference. It was on a keyboard and oh r}so rough. The meeting started an hour late so I was playing hymns for an hour straight!! My piano is absolutely awful, but by some miracle, it was alright. I love my little branch! We finally got up to 109 people at church, so that was a miracle.

This week there was a huge fiesta in santa Lucia and there was a dance in the main park. Hermana Rodriguez started to salsa in the street and I wanted to go over and start dancing with the people..but missionaries aren't allowed to. I had the idea to dance with someone and give them a tarjeta (a picture of Jesus or the temple) but we just decided that would not be the best idea haha. Also with the world cup going on here, it's always a fiesta!

So we're teaching Enrique's son names Luis and he has a problem with drinking, coffee, smoking, etc. the other day went to his house and he had his hand behind his back. And in spanish I said, show me whats in your hand, I know you're hiding something Mr! And it had a cigarette in his hand. he gave it to me and we put in on the ground and stepped on it. We said, muy mal hermano Luis, tenemos un importante leccion por usted ahorita! vamos!! and continued on to teach his a lesson haha it was great. 

I love the people here and I am so thankful to be on this adventure! Thanks for all the love and support. I can feel your prayers!! Hasta luego!

Hermana Woods :)

ps I went to the temple with my famila this week!! haha thanks mom for the cutouts ;) the other pics is of last night after the crazy rain and of Michel!

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