Monday, June 16, 2014

RollerCoasters and Cows

hellooooo everyone! This week was quite the rollercoaster, but it ended well! Here's my journal entry headings just to give you a taste of the week.

I Love to See the Temple!
Hna Woods and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
Honduras is Heaven!
Pork is a no-go
Holy Cow!
Zone Conference...Im a missionary!

So we got to go to the temple this week, that's miracle #1! It was so great. I love the temple!! When we pulled up, fireworks went off and I just like to think that they were for us Everything was in Spanish..but I was still able to feel the peace and spirit that was there. I love that the church is exactly the same throughout the entire world. It is so true!

I got food poisoning this week...not fun. and I accidentally told a creepy old guy that I would marry him...right after we taught this family that we always do and usually its great. but the little boy kept hitting me with a toy car, head butting me, and swearing at me! I kept saying: muy mal, no no no. but he just thought it was funny. it was NOT funny haha. That was the day I got sick so hna woods was not a happy camper. 

We are teaching this other family who I absolutely love! They live in the tiniest little house and are so humble, they love having us over. We met them the first week and they all have baptism dates but have a hard time getting to church. (So does everyone here..) but we are working on it. We had 2 people come to church this week, that's another miracle!!

The other day we walked out of our door and there was a cow RIGHT in the doorway. Just chillin there...its our neighbor, hes great. but I was so scared!! I just said Holy cow!! and moved on.It was also pouring rain! as Its rainy season, so every day we just get soaked. and go through rivers basically. It is such the grand adventure!!

Oh yeah, I met 2 gringos in the grocery store this week from England, they were great! Its a funny story..they thought that we worked there because of our badges, so they asked hna Rivas where the hummus was...but she doesnt know english, so she searched for me in the grocery store and I went up to explain that they dont hae hummus there, we're missionaries and we live here! then they helped me pick out hair dye haha it was great. 

one more thing, I sung at zone conference and an investigator meeting with 300ish people. I got up and was sooo nervous, which was weird for me. but I sang in spanish Yo se que vive mi SeƱor. The english part was good and the spirit was strong. I love the people here, and I love getting lost in the work!

Thanks to all who write me and support me, I can really feel it! I love you all and miss you tons! ps cant send pics this week because the ciber is closing in 3 minutes :( lo siento. Adios amigos!

Hermana Woods!

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