Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Newest Trainer In Town!

Announcement: You are reading a letter from the newest trainer in town wooh hoo!! It is such a responsibility and let me first say I feel like I grew up 5 years over night. Everyone says that when you are training you are like a mom or a dad, hence herMAMA woods haah I have a daughter!! and Hermana Rodriguez is a Grandma wooh hoo!! 

My new comp is from Panama and she's 21. I sorta feel like a baby, but at the same time I feel older because I am the one in charge! I am so thankful and humbled to be able to help teach her how to be a missionary, this is the greatest work in the world!

Saying goodbye to Hermana Rodriguez was really hard and all of our converts have been a mess this week. Marta didn't want to go to church this week without Rodriguez, so we made pancakes with them Sunday morning so they would go and it was really fun! Then yesterday we went over to have a family night and we played games and laughed our heads off for a while. I taught them how to play the cup song, and we were singing "Count your blessings" and playing with the cups, it was sweet! I also taught them English and we learned "heres the church, heres the steeple, open the doors and see all the people" with hand signs included, I just love this family! I also promised them a trip to disneyland one day...I need to get a job pronto when I get home haha. 

One funny thing that happened this week was that this lady said that she couldn't pray because she ate salt when she was little and it messed up her tongue...what an interesting excuse, that was a new one. Then one night we were walking home superrr tired one night and my comp is super serious and I wanted to make her laugh so I started singing "Dar nos fuerza...dar nos fuerza" y Jesus es mi luuuzzzz" Which are hymns that mean "Give us strength· and "Jesus is my light· Because we were tired and it was dark haha good times good times. We also don't have food so we've been eating oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Gotta love the missionary life!

Thanks for all the love and support and the prayers, they are working! I wouldn't be able to be as calm as I am without them. Love you all!!

Hermana Woods :)

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