Monday, September 1, 2014

Limes and Lizards

make lemonade!! This week again was sooo rainyyyy. Every single day. and we live in the mountains so we are always in the clouds. My comp thinks its fog..but I think that we are actually in the clouds..its more fun to think that way! The other day was pouring and literally no one wanted to let us in so we decided to pick limes off of someones tree. My comp goes "hermana we cant take that, its stealing." I said "hey, if they dont want to open the door for us, the least they can do is give us a lime..and even then its a tree that God made so its fine" We started cracking up, ate the limes and went on with the day. I tried to make lemonade with the rain water..but it just didnt work out too well haha. 

this week was good! We lost a lot of investigators so we're really back to square one. Marta didnt go to church this week because she didnt have shoes and her sisters needed her help. hopefully next time! I seriously love her and her family so much, they have such potential! 

So we made it a goal to stay out every day until 9 , even if its raining so we're more obedient and hopefully we'll find more people. The other day we were walking, and walking, and walking until we just about couldn't walk any more and we went to a house with these two girls, Cecelia and Celeste, they're 9 and 11 but so mature, so they're our investigators. Anyway, we were all super tired and slap happy so we decided to sing a christmas song as the opening hymn..later started sharing scripture but it turned out that the girl wanted to talk about Santa Clause instead because she said that she didnt believe..I thought "how could this be real..shes only 9..we haev got to fix this!" SO I started explaing how santa is real and she needs to have faith. Then I tried comparing faith in santa to God... and how he wants to bless us with spiritual gifts..and he brings happiness..but that didnt really go anywhere. Then my comp siad if santa is real, minions are too! and there went the lesson haha it was great. 

Hey, tomorrow I complete 5 months, and my comp 11! time is going by so fast. But I love the mission, its super great! thanks for all the love and support. Until next week!

con amor, Hermana Woods!

pics: my favorite little puppies and my lizard friend that I met today!

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