Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Just the happiest little missionary girl

Hellooooo everyone!! Just the happiest little missionary girl here to tell you some awesome news. MARTA IS FOR SURE GETTING BAPTIZED SATURDAY!! We have everything planned and she is so so set on it. We had so many amazing experiences with her this week, it really is amazing to see how the Lord works in different ways. Also how he really prepares people. We are SO excited!!

So we heard some news in our town that this Senor (member named Virgilio) and this other local Elderly lady were going to get married and this is supposedly the wedding of the year!! The lady told us and we were't quick to believe so we went right to the source and asked our old pal Virgilio. He said "No way will I marry that crazy, she doesn't know how to do laundry and I deserve to marry a beautiful young, hard working lady like you Hermanita Woods"....so awkward, It was seriously so funny and Rodruguez and I busted up laughing and I explained why I couldn't marry him..because Im a missionary!! Perfect response haha. Then when I was leaving, he whispered to me "It's okay Hermana, I know the Lord will allow us to get married one day" hahaha gotta love Virgilio.

In other news, I ate about 30 tortillas this week...so many! My comp hates tortillas so I always eat hers and in trade make her eat my tomatoes and green things- haha its a good trade I tell ya. The other day we cooked empanadas with a lady in our ward and then we took some to-go. But she put them in a giant leaf! yes, a literal leaf from a tree to take for the road...who does that?! Honduras "No regrets, No limits"

Gotta run, we have things to do and Pday always flysss by. Love you all, thanks for the updates. Have a great week and please pray for Marta. Sorry I don't have pics this week, I will have a TON next week. Fin. Adios!!

hermana Woods!

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