Thursday, March 12, 2015

Do Good Be Good

Hey everyone, here's an update from your favorite missionary in Honduras! Sorry I didn't write last week, I just wasn't really feelin it and there wasn't a lot of news. Transfers were this week but I didn't have them, so i will be staying here another 6 weeks in Choluteca...the hottest city in the world I think. But Im gettin some sweet missionary tan lines so its worth it. I love being with my comp. We lost the swing of things this last week but we know we are together for a reason and we will see a lot of miracles this change.

The funniest thing i would have to say that happened is that i am now unofficially the Ward pianist..well keyboardist. There are two ladies that play the piano as well but they always get there late so i end up having to play. The thing is that we also always get there after the meeting starts because we are literally running around getting investigators. I am not kidding...last week we ran 10 blocks to get to church, we had 3 investigators with us and when we got into the chapel we felt like we had just finished a race haha then i run up to the piano to see that the sond has 4 flats...yes i  just play with my right hand haha. for those of you that know, I only know 4 songs on the piano...adele, Taylor Swift, and the first two lines to Jon Schmidts songs hahah. but fearlessly I plunk out on the keyboard and it seems to be a hit.

heres other big news for the week! Remember Bessy and Mario from San luis? They are a family that hermana Torres and i taught back in November, but they finally got divorced!!! Its a real miracle. They will be getting married this month and she will be having twins! I am so excited that I will be here for all of that. Im not in the same área, but we are really close. I LOVE seeing how this góspel changes people{s lives. This is the place to be right now! Even though it is really hard and some days I still feel like quitting, all is well.

Also I am a grandma in the misión now! My daughter (Hermana Arango) is training now and her comp is Darling! I now have 2 daughters and a grand daughter, it is so much fun! things are going well here. Wearin out my shoes and getting sunburned are my new favorite hobbies. Thanks for the support. Love and miss you all!!

hermana Woods :)

heres a pic of me making favorite hobby and some cute puppies that i found!

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