Monday, February 23, 2015

Jazzie Teaches George Bush

hey team! This week went by even faster than the last....I dont even know what to say. I feel like I blinked and then it was over. We worked harder this week than I have in my entire mission. We honestly didnt waste even a little bit of time and I am really happy with the progress we are seeing. Its not to say that the mission is perfect yet, but I am to the point where there is just so much more good and fun than sad times. wooh hoo!!

Today we spent our pday with our favorite family of grandparents here. We hang out with them when days are hard and I always have my hammock to come to when its just way too hot. But today we decided to climb trees in the comp has a passion for it..who knew? I guess thats what all the little kids do in Peru. she made it almost all the way to the top. I made it half way then got scared haha. Now we are cooking lunch here too so I gotta run and help soon. 

My friend that has crutches went to church again and he was so excited to be there. He calls us Elders...and every time we correct him he just denies the fact that we are just hermanas haha. Also his name is George and this week he was telling me, and screaming that his name is George Bush...thats about the craziest he got this week. but he is changing his life step by step.

I think we are going to have a miracle baptism this week!! his name is Moses and he is so great. We have been teaching him for 2 weeks but he used to go to church with another member family. he loves the church and wants to get baptized this week so he can go to the temple. It would be a miracle! Please keep him in your prayers.

The work is moving forward and so are we. I am learning more and more every day and I love the mission so much. Time is flyingggg and I only have 7 months left to enjoy it while I have it. Thank you for all the support and love. love to all my favorite fans haha have a great week :)

love, Hermana Woods

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