Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb. 16th last week

hey team, this week flewwww by again. I honestly havent had a more challenging, rewarding, difficult, successful week on the misison. It is hard to explain but everything was an adventure this week. I have decided that God really does give us the added strength that we need and love for the place that we are in. I love Honduras so much...but if I wasnt a missionary, I dont think that I would so much. It is so hot, the people here are crazy and lazy and the food is gross.

But I love that I was called here, I look beyond that stuff and only focus on the good. I love finding the people who need the most help, the people who live in broken families, have addictions, teenage pregnancies (this week our investigator that was supposed to get baptized next week..we found out that she has a husband of 45 and she is 15-..and that is normal here. so sad) and things like that. Every single person here is loved by our Heavenly Father as much as he loves me. For the reason alone, I love the people here! I have learned so much on my mission and I will continue to do so as time goes on. I only have 7 and a half months left so time to get goin!!

We had Zone conference this week and the first half was rough..our misison as a whole isnt doin so hot right now so we got hit hard with obedience lectures, dats and all that. but then after lunch we had a surprise and we got to watch Meet the Mormons! Our president gave us all popcorn, chocolate and a soda and it was great! They love us and we are ready to hit the ground running. }

Everything is going well here! We went to the beach today and I am veryyy sunburned, but thats what life is like here in Choluteca. I love it here! Thank you to all of my friends, and fans. I love you all so much. go team Woods! have a great week, I know I will :)

love, Hermana Woods

here are some pics! my camera works again, yay!

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