Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fear Factor Honduras

Hey everyone, things are going well down here! This week I feel like we were in real life fear factor. I have eaten some crazy things here, but this week tops them all! So we went to an inactive family's house to have a family night and we planned on making baleadas, its just tortillas with beans and cheese. but when we were making them the dad says "hey in the mean time, heres some meat, its beef..." so I ate it with a tortilla and it was really good! Then later I said thanks and that I loved it and he tells me that is was Guasalo.....translation
POSSUM! what the heck?! Hermana Woods ate a possum this week....crazy huh? Its even more weird that I liked it. There's always a first time for everything huh? I seriously almost passed out when he showed me a picture of what is was..i wish I got that on film..
Other than that, this week was great. we are on fire again!! I love being with Hermana mamani. we are seriously laughing all the days long and we have made some great friends here.
theres not really much else to say this week. But all is well! Don't worry about your missionary in Honduras :) I am so happy! Love you all. Thank you for the support! heres some pics of my best

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