Monday, December 15, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014 Thanksgiving

Hey family and friends, how are you all doin? I am alive, yay!! I didnt write last week because I was really sick but I am better now and back to work. This was a good week..well we are slowly getting back into the work but we are going to have baptisms this week yay! Glenda is getting baptized on Tuesday and we should have a few others on saturday. I love missionary work!

I dont really have anything super funny this week...except for that every family always watches the news called HCH and CholuVision...and since they're always giving sad news I always pretend to be the news girl and give good news. I have a voice and everything, and its in spanish which is even funnier. My comp calls me choluvision...haha and the people call me Goods still.

yesterday Hermana Torres cooked tacos and we had real mexican was so great!! SHe studied cooking in new york for a year so you can imagine how great it was. Normally we just eat tortillas, beans and salty eggs..and weird chicken. So I was real happy yesterday!

We went to the river again this week to help our friends wash their clothes..well we just made sure they were safe and I got eaten by ants again. This area is sooo sweet! We live at the foot of really pretty mountains. and its a really rural area..animals every where. The people are so humble and its sooo hot here! It's hotter than Arizona...but all is well!

Im really happy here :) I love the mission! Im almost half way done its crazy...but I gotta get off cause we're writing in the stake center and allll the elders and hermanas are in this small room and we are about to watch english yay!!! Happy Jazzie :) love and miss you tons! have a great week and happy thanksgiving!

hermana Woods! 

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