Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Merrryyyy Christmas to my favorite family and friends!! Happy Navidad today! I hope that everyone has a great day and spends it with their families. I got to talk to mine and it was so much fun! Now I get to help other people's families down here and thats just as fun. People celebrate Christmas here on the 24th so we already celebrated it.  But today  we are gonna have a christmas party with just our zone, so that'll be fun. 

I really have learned so much while i've been out here and a ton about our Savior Jesus Christ and his importance. If we want success in this life we need to go back to the basics, learn from the scriptures and follow his foot steps. Its easy to say but sometimes hard to do, but if we try our best, God will make up for the rest.

I love being a missionary!! I  love the mission so much. I cant believe that its christmas though... i STILL and will forever feel like we are int he heat of summer..but its okay cause it makes me less homesick. I hope everyone has a great day today though, and we'll see ya next Christmas!

So the traditions here for navidad are to eat tamales, pig and torejas which is like bread soaked in eggs with milk on top..sounds gross but its not that bad. The saddest thing is that everyone here in the south decided to buy a whole pig and eat that for I had a pig friend for about 2 weeks and then it ended up on my plate last night, very sad! Not to mention...I was looking into a pot and SURPRISE!!! the pigs head was sitting there...I literally cried. everyone laughed but it was not all that funny to me! The other tradition is everyone and their mothers shoots off firreworks so from 12-1 we were listening to them. happy 4th of july??

I love you all so much, thank you for always writing me, it seriously means so much! go team woods!! have a great day and set some goals for the new year! Until next week :)

Hermana Woods!

pics: we made matching dresses for christmas and won best dressed at the christmas party..wel not really but at least I think so haha my comp hermana Pinel! then christmas night hangin out with my girls.

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