Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 1, 2014 Doing Great

hey mom I love you so much! This week was honestly the week that changed my mission. I learned so much and most of all I learned that god is a god of miracles. We had two baptismal services this week and I have never prayed for anything harder in my life. Ill explain it in the group email cause I dont have a lot of time. Glad to hear everything is normal, happy december!! only 24 days and I get to talk to you...and I will cry. I made a voice recording for the family to explain what happened this week. I Love being a missionary. I love my comp more than ever too. She has seriously taught me and she told me that I changed this week for the better. And now I dont just teach to teach but through the spirit I say the things that the people need to hear. I know that Im supposed to be here right now and that Im not juist your average missionary. In the most humble way Ive learned this week that I have a lot of potential and that I have the ability to bring this light to other people. I love being a missionary!!! i love you :) Maybe like 50 should be good. or 100 cause I wanna buy some new shoes or if you wanna send me clarks for my birthday that would be perfect! thanks for everything. have fun in florida...remember when we went the three of us...8 years ago what the heck?! Im growing up :) but I love it. have a great week xoxoxo love Jazziegirl

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