Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey Jazzie is Human!

hey everyone!! I feel like I havent written in forever..and its true cause I think that its been about 3 weeks. Last week I was reallyyyy sick and the weeks before I just wasnt feelin it. Honestly, I am struggling here a lot. I feel like I have learned all that this area had to teach me and that I am ready for something new. I only have 2 transfers left so I dont know how changes will work out, but we will see. 

I have reallly learned the power of the atonement this transfer. Its really nice to know that we have someone who unserstands us perfectly and that no matter how hard our trials are there's always 2 people the know us and love us and are always there. I am so thankful for prayer that helps calm me down when we are in a not so fun situation. My comp and I have had a few rough patches but things are getting better. 

This week we had interviews with President Bowler and I learned a lot. I love my mission President and his cute wife! Now i only have one interview left then I am back to the states..its crazy how that happens. Im a little baggy but I want to finish my mission strong and happy. I really have enjoyed all of my mission, my 4 areas, my 8 comps and my testimony is bigger than ever so that is great. Ive learned how to get past the road bumps and keep on crusin. 

The craziest thing that happened in these last weeks is that we helped an investigator wash her clothes cause she had  a ton...but it started pouring rain!! like I have never seen before. Remember people. we handwash our clothes here and there wasnt a roof to protect us. So we were washing the clothes with rainwater, it was sweet cause we didnt een have to rinse again hahaI think that maybe it was because of this that we got sick haha but our investigator was happy and so were we! 

Also we had the first baptism in our ward since January wooh hoo! His name is George, and hes a hippie and so rad! It was for the other hermanas, but it was still sweet. 

I love you all so much! Thank you for all the support and the prayers, I can feel them! I hope you all have a great week!!

love, hermana Woods!

heres some pics of my animal friends!

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