Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I was born in '95 baby!

Hello everyone!! Running short on time again, surprise surprise...but here's an update! This week started monsoon season so every single day we are just soaked...and good ol Jazz lost her umbrella in the sketchy streets of Santa Lucia, so I just have been using a trash bag, but I bought an umbrella today finally! 

Thursday we were waiting for the bus and it started POURING RAIN! buckets and buckets. We had no coverage, jackets, nothing so we walked to a gas station a half mile away and got SOAKED! we were walking along side the freeway so water from the cars kept splashing up on us just like the movies...haha it was sweet! The other hermanas were all freakin out but I was just dancing and singing because I love rain...it'll be like this for the next 4 months wooh hoo! 

We went to the temple with our investigators and Marta and all her lil kids came. It was sweet! She finally left her house after thousands of prayers, it was a miracle. She loved it! She still didn't come to church...but we are making progress little by little. 

I wanted to tell you guys that I'm learning how to cook all the time. We always make home made tortillas and it's so much fun! It takes strength I tell you...so just remember in your nightly prayers to be thankful for grocery stores, ovens, hot water, ice machines, etc. haha we're roughing it out here but it's so fun!

We worked really hard this week but the people are just not lovin us for some reason. But that's life right? Some days are just rough but it makes the good ones great!

We're teaching two friends in English! One of the guys thought I was 25 and it didn't believe me when I said I was 19...I said "Yep, I was born in 95 baby!" hahaha it just came out that I said baby! My comp was dying laughing...so was I...tried to play it casually though. I guess it's better that I teach in spanish...haha

Thanks for al the love and support, I can feel your prayers! Please pray for Marta and her sweet kids, I absolutely love them. Have a great week!

Hermana Woods

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