Monday, August 4, 2014

Hard Work, Good Times, 4 months!

hellloooo everyone!! wow 10's been a while but I'm alive. This week was super different, hard, the happiest, a whole bunch of different emotions. First of all, I completed training and 4 months of being a missionary! I seriously can't believe it..I know it's not a ton of time, but I have learned so much and I just love being a missionary. Also, Enrique is getting baptized at 3 this saturday! I seriously wish you all could be here to see it. He's counting down the days and can't wait, just like us. It will be such a great day! Here's some highlights of the week and a half :)

Service project: one day we went to do service and it turned into 5 and a half hours of throwing an ax/machete thing at a GIANT rock for an investigator of the other Hermanas. We got to experience actual hard work and wow it was difficult, but also's so fun to use a pick ax haha and we were singing Taylor swift and Katy perry, and Dora the whole time so it was great!

Interview: we had interviews with the new mission president and his wife. they are so sweet! I learned a lot. I had such a sweet experience. The president's wife doesn't speak any Spanish and the other 4 Hermanas don't speak any English so I got to translate for them. Im so happy that I got to help and be a part of their communication. The spirit was so strong and Im thankful that I was able to be in a good enough place with Spanish to translate. I love spanish and I love being a missionary!

Cleaning the pila: hahah this is a good one. So we hand wash our laundry all the time right? Right. well the water was superrrr dirty so we had to take it all out and fill it up again with new water. We used buckets to take out most of the water and then there was dirt at the bottom and we didn't know what to do. We don't have a dust pan so we used a giant leaf to take out the dirt..clever huh? hahah just livin the live out here in Santa Lucia!

Gotta run, I love you all so so much. Thanks for all the love and support. I can feel it! Please pray for Enrique this week for his baptism. Can't wait to hear from you all! Until. next time mi amigos :)

hermanita woods! This first photo is of Jazzie doing her laundry!

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